Pick a plan for your VirtualTRY Catalog

$ 15
per month


Single product category

$ 97
per month


Single product category

( E-Commerce websites )

$ 157
per month


Multi product category

( E-Commerce websites )

$ 0
per month


30 days of free trial with full options

( All websites )

  • Your virtualTRY Mirror
  • Customizable Themes
  • Number product UNLIMITED.
  • Increase your trafic by the Facebook sharing
  • Increase your sales tremendously
No commitment on license!


How many VirtualTRY Catalog for 1 license?

Your VirtualTRY license is delivered with 1 VirtualTRY Catalog for 1 Domain/Site. You will manage your VirtualTRY Catalog directly from your customer account.

Do you provide different modules for each category of product and trying-on options ?

No, our solution uses an unique user-friendly interface. Our dynamic technology recognizes the products available in your VirtualTRY Catalog and intuitively displays the best interface options available.

Do you need to create a high cost of 3D scanning of products?

Absolutely not. Our competitors need to create a high cost of 3D scanning of products, that's why they deliver some very expensive solutions! Our technology is based only on standard product pictures and we will integrate them into your VirtualTRY Catalog through your "Product credits" (Packs starting from $8,5 per product where competitors begin from $200 per product)... And this process is also available for VirtualTRY Live!

How do I customize my VirtualTRY Mirror?

Your VirtualTRY Module can be customized with different themes for free, included Fonts, border, colors, icons... And after choosing your favorite theme, our designer team will customize this theme with your chart

Which product categories and sub-categories?

Eyewear: eyeglasses, sunglasses
Jewelry: earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets,
Clothes: t-shirts, shirts, top, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts and more...

Could I use my license on other devices?

Yes, very soon.. We are currently working on different devices to take benefits of your VirtualTRY Catalog in many other ways : Mobiles, Tablets, Interactive screens at shops... Stay tuned for more!

How can I try your web-application?

We developed the VirtualTRY Trial Plan with very special pricing and conditions available during 1 month.

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